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Chair:Mr Rainer Baritz (European Environment Agency (EEA)
Co-Chair:NN (to be elected)
Secretary:Ms Nicole Wellbrock (Thuenen Institute)
Regional facilitator in the GSP secretariat:Ms Natalia Rodríguez Eugenio
Chairs of the Action Areas(to be updated in 2023)


Steering Committee

To achieve the goals of the ESP a Steering Committee was established with the following members:

Chair:Mr Rainer Baritz (European Environment Agency (EEA)
Representative of the ESP-secretariat:Mrs Nicole Wellbrock (Thuenen Institute)
Representative of the GSP-secretariat:Mrs Natalia Rodriguez (GSP-secretariat)
Representatives of the country focal points:TBD
Chairs of the Action Areas:see above
Representative of the Eurasian Sub-regional Partnership:Pavel Krasilnikov, EASP Secretariat
Representative of the Alpine Soil Partnership:Mr Borut Vrščaj (Slovenia)
Representative of the Western Balkans Soil Partnership:
Boban Ilic and Darko Konjevic, WBSP Secretariat
Representative of the Pyrenean Subregional Soil Partnership:Ms Rosa Poch (Spain)
Representative of the ITPS (European members):Ms Rosa Poch (Spain)


Currently 40 countries are partners/members of the ESP. Network Organizations and Soil Science Societies are also members of the ESP. We have listed our members here.


Since 2021, the ESP Secretariat is hosted at the Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries (Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Germany). Before 2021 it was hosted by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

The Secretariat of the ESP is appointed by the ESP members during the Plenary meeting. It should be hosted by a national or international institution from Europe that is willing to provide in-kind support for the ESP activities. Its roles are: facilitating the execution of the ESP implementation plan and communication among ESP partners; supporting the Steering Committee on activities related to the ESP implementation; developing and maintaining the ESP website.

The Six Action Areas

The ESP is achieving its goal of healthy soils through Six Action Areas:

  1. Sustainably manage and restore soils for the provision of ecosystem services
  2. Strengthen soil governance
  3. Promote research on soils
  4. Promote awareness raising and advocacy on soil health
  5. Promote soil data monitoring and mapping
  6. Foster technical cooperation

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