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Action Area 1: Sustainably manage and restore soils for the provision of ecosystem services

Many information sources exist for a regional guideline or are under development.

Because of the diversity of soil and management conditions, any specific guideline must address application conditions for practices.

Initiatives & information sources:

Towards a European guideline for Sustainable Soil Management capacity is needed:

  • to collect and synthesize available knowledge

  • to actively anticipate where knowledge is currently being developed

  • to select and populate a proper information platform

European Soil Partnership: Towards a regional guideline for Sustainable Soil Management (SSM)

⇒ Own capacity is needed

⇒ Synergies are to be used (EU research projects)

In the following chart you find Instruments and Guidelines on the level of Countries, EU, Europe and Subregions that can lead to a regional Guideline for SSM.







EU + non-EU
National legislation, strategies

The Soil Wiki(EU Login required) is an overview of soil policies in EU Member States.

Instruments EU legislation

EU regulatory framework on carbon removals

Common agricultural policy

Other strategies & policies

carbon farming, eco-schemes, GAEC

Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe

Regional conventions

Green Agenda for the Western Balkan


Best practices of sustainable soil use

Technical guidance on carbon farming

National guidelines on cross-compliance

Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management

Guidelines for afforestation and reforestation

Alpine: Soil management practices in the Alps: 17 case studies

Eurasia: SSM in Eurasian Region

EU: Overview of case studies on SSM from research (ESP Pillar 1)


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