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The European Soil Partnership

The European Soil Partnership is part of a global network of eight regional soil partnerships (see FAO). This network has been founded as a multi-lateral initiative by FAO member countries and many other governmental and non-governmental institutions. Subregional and national partnerships enable close links with stakeholders including land managers and the public. The ESP sees itself as an umbrella network for various European initiatives and actions, at the level of regions, countries, EU and its neighbours, and it advocates for their visibility and contributions in the global soil protection movement.

Become a member

The European Soil Partnership is a voluntary partnership, open to governments, regional organizations, institutions and other stakeholders at various levels. It is mandatory that your organization becomes first member of the Global Soil Partnership. You will then be automatically a member of the ESP. More

Join the ESP-Contact-List

With our contact list, we inform members and any other interested party about ESP activities.

If you want to join the contact list, please get in touch with the secretariat.


Forest soils are exposed to different environmental impacts and require a high level of protection. The initiative Soil of the Year is presented to the public using posters, flyers, publications, webpages and numerous events in Germany. The soil of the year has been selected and presented by a…

The ESP Chair, the ITPS, and the JRC are leading the preparation of the European chapter of the second edition of the Status of the World's Soil Resources report, to be published in 2025.

The tenth Plenary Meeting of the European Soil Partnership (ESP) was held virtually on 3–4 May 2023.

PREPSOIL partners are producing currently illustrations of soil threats for different land types across Europe.

The author thinks deeply and systematically about the development of the associations related to soil conservation.

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