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Action Area 4: Promote awareness raising and advocacy

To raise soil awarness, the ESP reaches out with its partners and other networks that are more focused on soil awareness – we have summarized some of them below. The offical website of the ESP ( will serve as a platform and highlight key outcomes; in the future we need to establish a mechanism to capture events and best practices. If you can contribute to that, please write to the secretariat.

  • Networks:
    European Network on Soil Awareness (ENSA)
    European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) with national soil alliances in Italy, Austria, Slowakia, Czechia, Hungary
    • Newsletter, annual report, annual conference (29-30 Sept. 2022)
    • ESP cannot catalyse activities due to lack of funding
  • Alpine Subregional partnership: Teaching materials (see here)
  • There are a number of exciting documents and media on country level that make the topic of soil / soil protection "more understandable" for a wide variety of target groups: Be it for teaching in highschool, university, for decision-makers, experts from other disciplines or the interested public, some good examples: Learning materials highschools (e.g. Germany); Soilcast, (Austria), soil+land stewardship (Flanders).
  • EU Soil Mission projects:
    • LOESS: Development and testing of innovative educational materials for school pupils, students & general public
    • NBSoil: Nature-based solutions for soil management
    • PREPSOIL: Including: 2022 call for best teaching practices
    • HuMUS: Healthy municipal Soils: Improve soil literacy in the society
  • New ESP website: Mechanism to capture soil information (projects, publications) and related events

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